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Electronic Version of Canine Nose

Hypernose is the most advanced nano-technology based sensor system which is able to sniffs out odors and gases in the air and identifies substances based on their smell signiture. 


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Hypernose is set to revolutionize the Indoor Air Quality industry to provide additional health benefits, comfort and energy efficiency and combat Sick Building Syndrome.


Unlike typical single-gas sensors, Hypernose multi-gas sensor technology is able to simultaneously detect several

diverse gas signature targets; resulting in a smart calibrating

device that continually improves

sensor accuracy.


Multi-Gas Sensing

Hypernose sensor is the result of over four years of intense R&D, experience and focus on providing value-adding technologies on reliability, accuracy and efficiency. 

The level of reliability is directly related to the ability of the sensor to detect the target contaminants while ignoring other interfering gasses. 

It takes knowledge and commitment to provide a sensing technology so specialized that only reacts to the toxic pollutant in the buildings and ignores the benign gases in the background.

Building Blocks


Breakthrough Gas Sensitive Materials


Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms


Cloud Based Communication

Competitive Advantages


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Hypernose Technology Inc. provides semiconductor sensor chip, software and system solutions for Air Quality market.  We believe in the power of small teams with big ideas. We value integrity, passion, creativity and commitment. We're proud of our product, patents, and industry awards.


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