Multi-Dimensional Gas Monitoring

Hypernose is leveraging the latest research and innovations from the sensor systems and data science, including:


We leverage the latest in mini-tech to deliver amazing functionality at a fraction of the size.

Intelligent analyzer

Our machine learning algorithm search through raw mearurments data and extract unique feature to be able to detect and quantify gases.

Low cost

Hypernose provides a low cost solution to quasntify and qualify gases compare to expensive mass spectrometers or gas chromatography techniques.


Unlike typical gas sensor on the market, Hypernose selectively analysis the sample and discriminate the target gas from background gases.

Ultra sensitive

With an outstanding accusry Our sensor can detect gases in ultra low concentration in ppb levels.

Real time measurement

Our technology is able to analyzing gas samples in real time and generate an analytic report from the ambient condition.

Low mantaince
Nano-technology sensor

Our panel approach to measurement accuracy

There are multiple ways of reaching a measurement, but a generic gas sensor alone wonʹt cut it. We believe using more inputs is always better, and our panel approach combines multiple sensor signals and technologies using a break through data fusion technique to provide a higher level of reporting accuracy.